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Fallen Worlds TCG is a game of skirmishes between rival armies. It is played between two players, each using a deck of cards depicting creatures, scenarios, attachments and events. Through careful deployment and a degree of tactical thinking, the objective is to destroy your opponent's Capital.

Fully interactive gameplay -- this ain't no Flash game on rails...

Collect and trade from hundreds of digital Fallen Worlds cards

Play against other members as well as numerous computer controlled bots

Make new friends and battle for ranking supremacy

Here's a list of things that you can add to the wiki:Edit

Decks that you play with regularly (there's a few sections: killer decks for those that actually work reliably well, experimental decks for those that are still being tinkered with, competitive decks for PVP decks, and beginner decks for tips on building decks for new players)

Guide for gold farming -- tips on building decks to play against the Bots, the Gauntlet & the Campaign -- and achievements, like what are the best/easiest combinations of achievements to work on at the same time, and with what cards?

Analysis of cards and their combinatory abilities, i.e. "killer combos"

Also, a guide to Building Heroes and what combinations of abilities work or don't

Tips on how to level up quickly, and when players should move on to playing PVP instead of versus the Bot

The Builds of the Bots (as far as you know them)

Translations of the rules into your language of choice (you can even babelfish it and then fix it!)

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